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Connelly Wakeboard Review: Evaluating the Top Connelly Boards




When it comes to wakeboarding equipment, Connelly is one of the most trusted and well-known brands. Connelly wakeboards offer high performance and durability to match riders of all skill levels. If you’re looking into buying a new Connelly wakeboard, this in-depth review will highlight the key features and performance of their top boards.

Overview of Connelly Wakeboards

Connelly Pure Wakeboard Review​
Connelly Pure Wakeboard Review​

Founded in 1975, Connelly Skis has been a leader in watersports manufacturing for over 4 decades. They design wakeboards for beginners to professionals, combining innovative shapes with robust constructions. Connelly wakeboards are meticulously engineered for optimal pop off the wake and smooth landings.

Rocker Types

Connelly utilizes both continuous and hybrid rocker profiles. Continuous rockers have a gradual curve from tip to tail for a smooth, consistent glide. Hybrid rockers combine flat and continuous shapes, providing explosive pop off the wake while maintaining stability.


Many Connelly wakeboards feature the System 80 core – an 80% wood, 20% foam composite that yields a lively, responsive ride. Higher-end models are built on a System 60 core with 60% wood for more energy and pop.


Connelly boards have removable center fins to allow adjustment of turning response. Molded-in side fins improve tracking and hold. Deep center channels provide extra grip when loading the line.

Connelly Pure Wakeboard Review

Connelly Pure Wakeboard Review​

The Connelly Pure is a fantastic choice as a beginner-friendly wakeboard that still performs at high levels. Let’s look at why it’s one of Connelly’s top options.

Rocker and Shape

The Pure features a continuous 3-stage rocker profile that generates powerful pop off the wake while maintaining stability and control. Its wider tip/tail shape provides extra surface area for learning basic riding.

Core and Construction

At the core of the Pure wakeboard is a Standard Wood 80 core composed of 80% vertically laminated wood and 20% foam. This creates a lively, responsive feel. The construction utilizes fiberglass/graphite laminates to optimize flex and durability.


The Pure wakeboard has molded-in side fins combined with a removable center fin. This configuration allows easy adjustment of the turning response as your skills progress.


Overall, the Connelly Pure wakeboard delivers an extremely smooth, predictable glide and excellent pop off the wake – ideal for beginners learning the fundamentals. Intermediate riders will also appreciate the Pure’s versatility and performance.

Connelly Reverb Wakeboard Review

Connelly Reverb vs Connelly Dowdy Wakeboard Review

The Connelly Reverb wakeboard takes high-performance shape design to the next level. Let’s examine what makes it stand out.

Rocker and Shape

This board features a 3-stage hybrid rocker profile with a flat center and continuous tip/tail. This combines explosive boost off the wake with stability and speed for aggressive riding.

Core and Construction

The Reverb is constructed with a Standard Wood 60 core – 60% vertically laminated wood and 40% foam. The thinner profile and responsive core deliver a lightning-fast rebound off the water.


The fin setup includes two molded side fins and a removable center fin. The molded fins enhance grip and control, while the detachable center fin allows customization of turning looseness.


With its progressive 3-stage rocker and System 60 core, the Reverb wakeboard is designed for dynamic cuts, huge pop, and buttery smooth landings. Intermediate to advanced riders will appreciate its high-performance shape.

Finding the Best Connelly Wakeboard

2021 Connelly Reverb | | Wakeboard Packages

At, we understand that choosing the right wakeboard can be a daunting task. With a variety of shapes and constructions available, it’s crucial to consider your skill level, riding style, and performance needs when selecting the best Connelly wakeboard. We’ve found that beginners and intermediates often benefit from continuous rocker profiles and forgiving flex patterns, which provide a smooth ride and easy control.

For advanced riders looking to take their tricks to the next level, aggressive hybrid rockers and responsive cores are key. These features allow for explosive pop off the wake and quick response, enabling you to push your limits and land those high-air tricks.

From our personal experience, comparing reviews and product details is an effective way to select the ideal Connelly board to meet your needs and progress your riding. It’s not just about the specs; it’s about how those specs translate to performance on the water. And let me tell you, Connelly’s wakeboards deliver. They offer high-performance wakeboarding with smooth pop and stability that will have you shredding the park and boosting big air in no time!

We at believe in the thrill of the ride, the joy of progression, and the pure exhilaration that comes from being out on the water. And we believe that the right gear – like a Connelly wakeboard – can make all the difference. So here’s to finding your perfect board and making every moment on the water count. Happy wakeboarding!

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