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Byerly Wakeboards Review: Evaluating the Top Models




When it comes to progressive freestyle wakeboarding, Byerly has earned a reputation for high-performance equipment designed to help riders push boundaries. We decided to take a deep dive into some of Byerly’s most popular wakeboard models to provide an in-depth Byerly wakeboards review.

Byerly Wakeboards Technology

Byerly Wakeboards Review
Byerly Wakeboards Review

Byerly wakeboards are renowned for their innovative technology that enhances the wakeboarding experience. Let’s delve deeper into the unique features that make these boards stand out.

ABS Sidewalls

Byerly wakeboards feature ABS Sidewalls, which provide a thinner profile while maintaining strength and pop. This technology allows for a more streamlined design without compromising on durability or performance. The result is a board that is lightweight yet robust, offering excellent control and responsiveness.

Carbon Array

The Carbon Array technology in Byerly wakeboards involves strategic placement of carbon reinforcement for power and response. This feature enhances the board’s rigidity in high-stress areas, providing increased strength and resilience. It ensures that the board can withstand intense usage while offering superior performance.


Rampwall is another innovative feature found in Byerly wakeboards. This technology involves ramped ABS sidewalls that offer a loose, forgiving feel. It provides a smoother ride by reducing the impact of waves and choppy water, making it an excellent feature for beginners who are still getting used to the sport.

Articulating Rail

The Articulating Rail design in Byerly wakeboards enhances edging and stability. This feature provides a solid edge hold when carving, allowing riders to maintain control and balance. It’s particularly beneficial for executing sharp turns and complex tricks.


Finally, Byerly wakeboards incorporate Speedwall technology, a speed-generating double concave hull shape. This design helps to generate speed and momentum, enabling riders to perform high-air tricks and jumps. It’s a feature that advanced riders will particularly appreciate.

In conclusion, Byerly wakeboards are packed with innovative technologies designed to enhance the rider’s experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, these features can help improve your performance and enjoyment of the sport.

Byerly Code Wakeboard Review

Byerly Code Wakeboard
| The Byerly Legacy Continues On

The Byerly Code has been one of the brand’s most iconic wakeboards, known for its versatility across boat and cable. For 2022, Byerly teamed up with long-time designer Son Duong who masterfully crafted true performance art for this project. The result is a wakeboard that looks and rides like no other.

Key Features

  • Continuous 3-Stage Rocker – Explosive pop off kickers.
  • Double Spine – Enhanced torsional rigidity.
  • Articulating Rail – Superior edge hold and control.
  • Rampwall – Softer landings off big air.
  • Speedwall – Speed-enhancing hull shape.


From its eye-catching graphic to its innovative use of carbon, the Code backs up its standout looks with elite-level performance. The smooth, fast rocker line generates speed while the Rampwall technology softens landings. The Articulating Rail provides a solid edge hold for carving the wake. An ideal crossover board for conquering both boat and cable.

Byerly Felix Wakeboard Review

Byerly Felix Wakeboard (137cm) + Liquid Force bindings (US 8-9), Sports Equipment
Byerly Felix Wakeboard (137cm) + Liquid Force bindings (US 8-9), Sports Equipment

Named after Canadian pro rider Felix Georgii, the Byerly Felix wakeboard is designed for aggressive riders looking to charge the wake. It features a 3-stage rocker and double concave through the tips to provide explosive pop for boosting big airs.

Key Features

  • 3-Stage Rocker – Aggressive pop off the wake.
  • Double Concave Tips – Power and lift for huge airs.
  • ABS Sidewalls – Thinner profile, solid edge.
  • Speedwall – Speed-generating hull shape.


From the moment you edge towards the wake, the Felix provides a powerful, responsive feel. The aggressive rocker line launches you skyward while the double concave tips give you extra lift for tweaking grabs. The Felix excels at boosting big and stomping rotations with confidence.

Byerly Buzz Wakeboard Review

Byerly Wakeboards Buzz Wakesurf Board 2020 | evo

Designed with input from the Byerly team, the Buzz wakeboard is ideal for intermediate to advanced riders looking for a board that handles the whole wake park. The continuous rocker line provides a smooth, fast ride whether you’re boosting off kickers or carving up sliders.

Key Features

  • Continuous Rocker – Versatile shape for all-around performance.
  • ABS Sidewalls – Thin profile and solid edge hold.
  • Double Spine – Enhanced torsional rigidity.
  • Speedwall – Speed-generating hull.


From the boat to kickers to rails, the Buzz excels across all park features. The continuous rocker provides a fast glide and smooth pop for ollies and small kickers while the ABS sidewalls offer a solid edge for approaching sliders. A true quiver-of-one board.


At, we’re passionate about helping you find the right gear to fuel your wakeboarding adventures. After an in-depth review of some of Byerly’s most popular wakeboard models, we’re genuinely impressed by the brand’s commitment to innovation and progression. From the iconic Code that offers a smooth ride for beginners, to the air-focused Felix designed for those seeking to push their limits, Byerly wakeboards cater to all ability levels.

Personally, we’ve always admired Byerly for their dedication to quality and performance. Their boards are not just pieces of equipment, but tools that empower riders to enhance their skills and enjoy every moment on the water. It’s this ethos that resonates with us at, as we believe in the transformative power of wakeboarding – the thrill of the ride, the freedom of the open water, and the joy of mastering a new trick.

We hope this review has provided valuable insights to help you choose the perfect Byerly wakeboard for your riding needs. Remember, the best board for you is one that matches your skill level, riding style, and personal preferences. So, whether you’re carving your first wake or launching into a spectacular aerial, Byerly has a board designed to make your wakeboarding dreams a reality.

Happy wakeboarding!

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