Australia’s #1 Wakeboarding Industry Expert

About me – Kristin Bower

Kristin Bower is Australia’s #1 Wakeboarding Industry Expert and creator/designer of the revolutionary Switchfoot Indy Surfboard that free’s the surfer to now enjoy the freedom and exhilaration wakeboarders are so familiar.

Australia’s #1 Wakeboarding Industry Expert

Kristin is also a highly sort after Wakeboard Industry TV Presenter, Commentator and Consultant.

Ever since Kristin stood on a skateboard at the age of 12, his life has been directed towards the sideways style of living.

Growing up spending every waking minute learning how to snowboard, skate, surf and wakeboard.  If he couldn’t do it while awake he’d dream about it at night.

The time in which Kristin came into these lifestyle sports was a time of uncertainty for both the sport and the sponsors surrounding it. However for people like Kristin these ‘sports’ are not just ‘sports’. They are a way of life, a lifestyle that has freedom of expression, passion and it literally requires blood sweat and tears to make it to the top.

It is this type of drive and determination to make board sports not just a hobby but a way of life, is the type of resource Kristin Bower still taps into today as Australia’s #1 Wakeboarding Industry Expert.

These sports are here to stay and Kristin’s industry knowledge and networking skills allows him to give back to an industry that has given him the freedom he wishes to share with others. To those close to him he is know as simply ‘Bower’.


sunny anne ball lake eildon and echuca MPEG 4 Improved PAL Large Progressive

Lake Eildon is one place that you absolutely must wakeboard when you are in Victoria.

Wake Life TV – Working closely with Australian award winning producer, Anthony Abicare since 2006, Kristin has been associated with Wake Life TV as presenter and Associate Producer of the Wake Life TV show.

Wakeboard Western Australia – Wakeboard Traveller

Wake Life TV Commentator – Kristin Bower, Crab Fest WA

Wake Life TV is the first full half hour show dedicated entirely to wakeboarding culture and the personalities and events that it.

It’s popularity on Ch 31 in it’s early days caused a very fast rise to the top of it’s game where the show was picked up by FOXTEL’s “FUEL” and continues strongly every summer season for the past 13 years.

About me – Kristin Bower – Wakeboard Traveller

Kristin Bower is Australia’s #1 Wakeboarding Industry Expert and creator/designer of the revolutionary Switchfoot Indy Surfboard that free’s the surfer to now enjoy the freedom and exhilaration wakeboarders are so familiar.

Another example of Kristin’s presentation skills on Wake Life TV…

Older Wiser Feeling Younger TV Show

Kristin Bower’s ability to not only appeal to the the wakeboard viewers but also the baby boomers, had him appear as a presenter on the Australian TV show Older Wiser Feeling Younger – aimed at the baby boomers…take a look…

unforgettable sa houseboat trip

Wake Life TV Commentator, Kristin Bower, South Australia


Over the years as a professional wakeboard rider Kristin Bower developed relationships with companies who actively help him achieve his dreams and goals through life on and off a board.

Sponsorship is a huge deal and should be treated with the utmost respect. Kristin believes when a company relates to the individual athlete by sponsoring them, the athlete should return the respect and believe in the company the athlete promotes.

Kristin attributes his characteristics and background to his mother and father who raised him to treat every one equally and with the respect you would want to be treated with yourself.  Loyalty is important to him both personally and professionally.

Kristin has found it far better to maintain a firm grasp of what you set out to achieve and stick with those who help you rather then jump from ship to ship. This has earned him huge respect in the industry as Kristin was sponsored for over 11 years with one of the biggest surf labels in the world – Rusty clothing company.

Now as he branches out into building his own Wakeboarding / Surfboard Indy Wakeboards, his long term relationships in the industry are invaluable.


As a regular contributing columnist to “Modern Boating” magazine published by FCP.(FCP also publishers of Vogue and GQ and have an extremely high readership base).

Kristin’s role was to enlighten those readers of “Modern Boating” about the water sports world contributing may stories ranging from where to wakeboard, the toys involved to general safety tips on and around the water.

Wake Magazine

3 years as editor of Australia’s leading “Wake” Magazine brought Kristin into contact with the wakeboarding industry key players and provided him with the platform to promote the industry and values he wanted to bring to the sport.


More recently Kristin gained even more notoriety for his creativity by proposing to his partner Cerise in a published article about his just released revolutionary “Switchfoot” Indy Surfboard


As the wakeboarding industry expands and grows in popularity the demand for cable parks and wakeboarding venues grows.

Kristin is now becoming the ‘go to person’ not only for his commentating skills but also for the more serious side of the Wakeboarding industry for consulting services.

To find out more you can contact Kristin Bower Here.

Chance PR – bring business ideas and concepts into the spotlight.

A relaxed approach to the sporting industry but always operating at a professional level bringing together quality content across a broad media platform.

All aspects of the media covered from; Magazine editor, TV producing, TV presenting, event commentating, wakeboard manufacturing, Athlete coaching, sports journalism, travel writing, copy writing, sports marketing and strategies are all part and parcel.

With a sound knowledge of the media and PR mechanics, Kristin Bower works closely with clients to bring their business ideas and concepts into the spotlight.

I am blessed to have such a good life.

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