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Hey wakeboarding fans! Kristin here from Wakeboard Traveller to talk about the best wakeboard brands dominating the scene right now. As an avid rider myself, I’ve tried boards from all the major brands and want to share my picks for the best wakeboard manufacturers in 2023.

In this post, I’ll cover some of the leading wakeboard companies and go over their top boards, tech, and more. Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first board or an advanced rider wanting to step up your setup, there’s something for everyone. Let’s dive in and explore what are the best wakeboard brands and boards available this year!

What are the best wakeboard brands?

Liquid Force

Wakeboard Liquid Force APEX 149 2023

One of the most popular wakeboard brands, Liquid Force consistently delivers high-quality and innovative boards. They make some of the best beginner-friendly wakeboards like the Liquid Force Trip. It has a continuous rocker profile perfect for learning.

Liquid Force also produces pro-level wakeboards like the Remedy. It features a three stage rocker shape for insane pop off the wake. This makes it one of the best intermediate/advanced wakeboards.

Some key technologies Liquid Force uses are:

  • LF Insider Core – Strategic wood core placement for flex and response
  • Carbon Array – Carbon stringers increase power and stability
  • Whip Tail – Creates lively tips to generate speed coming off the wake

I’ve found Liquid Force boards to be extremely well-made with top notch performance. Their construction quality and designs are hard to beat.


Ronix Vault Wakeboard 2021 — Tommy's Wake & Surf Shop

Ronix burst onto the wakeboard scene about a decade ago and has become one of the premier brands. They are known for their innovative three-stage rocker profiles that give their boards explosive pop.

The Ronix One is one of the best advanced wakeboards and features a continuous rocker in the middle for stability and three-stage tips for insane air. Ronix also makes quality wakeboards like the Vault for beginners.

Some key Ronix technologies include:

  • PowerShell – Carbon layers tuned to match flex with rocker
  • Stage-5 Fins – Molded fins that don’t need to be installed
  • Glide Speed Walls – Channels on the bottom to reduce drag

I’m a huge fan of Ronix boards for their performance and unique style. Their construction is top-notch and they continue to push boundaries.


Wakeboard Hyperlite Best Wakeboard Brands
Wakeboard Hyperlite Best Wakeboard Brands

Founded in 1991, Hyperlite is one of the original and best wakeboard brands. Their boards feature diverse shapes and profiles to match any riding style.

The Hyperlite Murray is one of the best beginner wakeboards with a continuous rocker profile and molded-in fins. While the Hyperlite Marek Nova gives experts a super stiff responsive ride for charging the wake.

Some notable Hyperlite technologies are:

  • Bio3 Core – Lightweight wood core that optimizes flex
  • Layered Glass – Strategic fiberglass laminates for power and control
  • Shock Absorber Pads – Cushioning under bindings for smooth landings

Hyperlite makes incredibly durable boards that can handle heavy riding. I’ve been impressed by their quality and performance going on 30+ years.


Slingshot-Shredtown-Wakeboard-2012 - Buy online -

Known for their innovative shapes and profiles, Slingshot creates some of the most unique wakeboards available today. The Slingshot Coalition has a multi-stage rocker and signature tips to launch you off the wake.

Slingshot is especially popular for their wakesurfers like the Shredtown. It has a surf-style shape with deep channels and fins to carve up the wake.

Some of Slingshot’s standout technologies include:

  • Hex Drive – Asymmetrical 3D shaping adds leverage and response
  • Recoil – Carbon array that stretches from tip to tail for liveliness
  • Compression Molded BatTail – Maximizes surface area for boosting airs

If you want a board with an alternative look and feel, Slingshot is definitely one of the best wakeboard brands to consider. The quality and performance is right there with the top companies.

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Wakeboard Brand:Best Wakeboards 2022 | Prowake's Annual Wakeboard Review – ProWake Australia

  • Skill level – Look for beginner friendly boards if new to the sport
  • Riding style – Different brands match different styles (rails, wake jumps, etc)
  • Rocker type – Continuous for beginners, 3-stage for explosive airs
  • Core material – Foam or wood cores each have pros and cons
  • Shape – Consider a surf-style shape if you want to wakesurf
  • Price – Set a budget and look for quality boards in that range
  • Reputation – Stick with reputable brands known for great products

I always recommend taking the time to research and demo different boards to find the best fit. All the major wakeboard brands have great options. Focus on finding the board that matches your personal riding style and skill level.

Time to Get Shredding!

Wakeboard Shop Gold Coast | Prowake | Ronix, Slingshot, Jetpilot – ProWake Australia

There you have it – my picks for the Best Wakeboard Brands and boards to consider for 2023. No matter your skill level or style, you can find an awesome board option from these top companies. Let me know if you have any other questions! I’m always happy to offer advice on the best wakeboard brands and help you select the perfect setup.

Now get out on the water and start enjoying whichever board you choose. Wishing you an epic season of wakeboarding ahead!

Ride on, Kristin Bower Wakeboard Traveller

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