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The Best Beginner Wakeboard Packages for 2024




Hey everyone! Kristin here, founder of Wakeboard Traveller. As a passionate wakeboarder, I know how tricky it can be to find the perfect beginner wakeboard package when you’re just starting out. There are so many options to choose from!

That’s why I put together this guide to the best beginner wakeboard packages for 2024. I’ll go over my top recommendations for complete setups that make learning wakeboarding easy and fun. Whether you want a continuous rocker or 3-stage rocker wakeboard, bindings and rope to get you up and riding—I’ve got you covered!

Let’s dive in and check out the best beginner wakeboard packages available this year. I’ll cover the pros and cons of each setup and price so you can find the ideal option to progress your new skills!

Best Overall Beginner Wakeboard Package

Best Beginner Wakeboard Packages

My number one recommendation for beginners is:

Best Price

Ronix Vault Wakeboard w/District Boots

5.0 (3 ratings) $539.99
The District boots are high-performance wakeboard boots designed specifically for the Ronix Vault wakeboard. They feature an ultra-comfortable liner that molds to your feet and integrated J-bars for heel/toe support. The boots have an open toe design for flexibility and a lace-up system for a snug fit.
Versatile wakeboard suitable for riders of various skill levels.
Cutting-edge design with a 3-stage rocker for explosive pop.
District Boots offer a balanced mix of comfort and control.
Heat moldable liners for a personalized and snug fit.
Durable construction for long-lasting performance.
The advanced features may be overwhelming for absolute beginners.
Limited color and design options for riders seeking a more personalized aesthetic.

The Ronix Vault Wakeboard immediately grabs attention with its cutting-edge design. Crafted for optimal performance, this wakeboard features a 3-stage rocker that delivers explosive pop off the wake, allowing riders to soar to new heights. The versatile shape caters to a wide range of skill levels, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and advanced riders.

Complementing the wakeboard are the District Boots, designed to provide the perfect balance of comfort and control. The boots feature a medium flex, offering the support needed for aggressive riding while maintaining a level of comfort that ensures an enjoyable experience on the water. The heat moldable liners add a personalized touch, ensuring a snug fit for every rider.

Our testing reveals that the Ronix Vault Wakeboard lives up to its promise of versatility. The 3-stage rocker, combined with a user-friendly profile, allows riders to progress and push their skills comfortably. The board responds well to subtle movements, offering a smooth and predictable ride for those navigating the wakes for the first time or attempting advanced tricks.

The District Boots play a crucial role in enhancing the overall riding experience. The medium flex strikes a balance between responsiveness and comfort, providing the support needed for aggressive maneuvers while ensuring a forgiving feel. The secure fit and heat moldable liners contribute to an optimal connection between rider and wakeboard.

Overall an amazing value beginner wakeboard package that will give you the confidence to progress quickly!

Best Beginner Wakeboard Packages for Kids

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For younger riders I recommend:

Best Price

Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard, Blank

5.0 (6 ratings) $199.99
A top seller year after year, the Trip is an amazing board for any level rider because it’s a consistent performer that is super smooth and forgiving, yet aggressive when pushed. The board includes an even fuller tip shape for increased pop, and the new design includes formed outside fins to improve water flow and reduce drag.
Versatile wakeboard suitable for riders of all skill levels.
Clean and minimalist design for a distraction-free experience.
Impressive performance across various wakeboarding styles.
Durable construction ensures a long-lasting investment.
Lack of graphics may not appeal to riders seeking a visually distinctive board.
Beginners might find the learning curve slightly steeper compared to more beginner-oriented designs.

The Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard takes a bold step with its blank canvas design. Free from flashy graphics, this wakeboard is a testament to design simplicity. The absence of distractions allows riders to immerse themselves in the pure essence of wakeboarding, focusing solely on the thrill of the ride.

Our extensive testing reveals that the Liquid Force Trip excels in versatility. Whether you’re a beginner honing your skills or an advanced rider seeking a reliable companion, this wakeboard adapts effortlessly. The straightforward design doesn’t compromise on performance, providing a stable and responsive ride across varying skill levels.

The Liquid Force Trip is designed specifically for younger beginner riders, with a lightweight build and molded-in fins, so there’s nothing to install or lose. The continuous rocker keeps the board nice and steady for learning proper technique.

And the Delta bindings are Liquid Force’s most adjustable kid’s option to get the perfect fit. The package works great for riders under 100lbs who are just getting started in the sport before moving up to a more advanced wakeboard.

Best Budget-Friendly Beginner Wakeboard Package

Best Beginner Wakeboard Packages
Best Beginner Wakeboard Packages

If you’re looking for the best value beginner setup, I suggest:

Best Price

Hyperlite Baseline Wakeboard + Remix Bindings Wakeboard Package

5.0 (5 ratings) $499.99
Shaped by legends Shuan Murray & Greg Nelson, this Hyperlite Wakeboard is made for rider’s who are establishing a solid foundation. Its wider profile & continuous rocker delivers smooth carving, controlled pop and softer landings.
Versatile wakeboard suitable for riders of all skill levels.
Eye-catching design without compromising durability.
Remix Bindings offer a comfortable and secure fit.
Excellent maneuverability for riders keen on tricks.
Durable construction for long-lasting performance.
Graphic options for the wakeboard may be limited for those seeking more personalization.
Beginners might find the learning curve slightly steeper compared to more beginner-focused setups.

The Hyperlite Baseline wakeboard has a continuous rocker profile and mellow shape that makes it really easy to ride. It’s designed for beginner and intermediate riders looking to advance their skills. The board has great edge hold and stability from the dual molded-in fins. This gives excellent tracking and control when edging or landing. Plus, the Baseline is lightweight thanks to Hyperlite’s construction, so it doesn’t weigh you down as you learn new tricks.

To match the Baseline wakeboard, I’m hyped on the Remix bindings. They feature ultra-comfy low-profile footbeds that mold to your feet for a custom fit. The bindings are totally adjustable to accommodate different foot sizes, with good heel/toe support. The Remixes have a medium flex that works well for all-around riding. They also have lace covers to prevent loose ends from catching.

I’ve heard awesome reviews of the Hyperlite Baseline + Remix combo. Together the board and bindings make progression feel seamless. Once you dial in the settings, it’s like they were made for your feet. Riders say the setup is so comfortable and makes landing tricks way less scary. It’s a great package for building confidence on the water.

As the weather warms up, I’m itching to get back out wakeboarding. I can’t wait to try the Hyperlite Baseline wakeboard paired with the Remix bindings. They seem like the perfect setup to help improve my ollies, grabs, 180s, and maybe even start sticking some bigger air. Let me know if you have any experience with the Baseline + Remixes.

You don’t need to spend a ton to get started with a high quality beginner wakeboard package. The Hyperlite State board has a continuous rocker profile and molded-in fins to make learning a breeze.

And the Remix bindings keep things simple and affordable. For under $400, this package from Hyperlite gives you everything you need as a beginner to start having fun on the water without breaking the bank!

What To Look For In a Beginner Wakeboard Package

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Here are few key things I recommend looking for when choosing your first beginner wakeboard package:

  • Continuous Rocker – The continuous rocker profile is the most forgiving and easiest to learn on as it allows the board to glide smoothly.
  • Soft Flex – Beginner boards will be medium to medium-soft flex for increased forgiveness and a smooth ride.
  • Molded Fins – Molded-in fins remove the need to install a fin, making it simpler for beginners.
  • Comfortable Bindings – Cushioned bindings with an easy lacing system and adjustable highback are ideal.
  • Stretch Rope – A rope with stretch sections helps ease the learning curve on the water.
  • Complete Package – Look for a board, bindings and rope all included to remove guesswork.

Buying a pre-packaged bundle designed specifically for beginners takes the stress out of getting started and lets you focus on having fun learning!

Why Start With the Right Beginner Wakeboard Package

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Having the correct setup makes a huge difference as a beginner wakeboarder. Starting out on a board that’s too small or too advanced will make things much harder and hinder your progression.

That’s why it’s so important to find a beginner-friendly wakeboard package that matches your ability. The right setup will give you the confidence to get up on your first rides and start improving your skills.

Don’t get discouraged trying to learn on a board that’s too advanced. Take the time to find that perfect continuous rocker wakeboard with comfortable bindings and a rope to match your beginner level. It will get you shredding the wake in no time!

Time to Get Out on the Water!

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Alright, that wraps up my Best Beginner Wakeboard Packages picks for 2023! Hopefully this guide gives you some great options to consider for your first setup. Let me know if you have any other questions – I’m always happy to help get you started in wakeboarding the right way!

Wishing you an epic season ahead on your new beginner-friendly wakeboard package. Now get out there and start shredding!

Ride on, Kristin Bower Wakeboard Traveller

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