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Hey wakeboarding friends! Kristin here from Wakeboard Traveller to talk all about one of the most common questions I get asked – what size wakeboard do I need?

Choosing the right size wakeboard is so important for both your progression and enjoying the sport. The wrong size board can make learning way harder and limit your ability to improve.

In this in-depth guide, I’ll go over how to determine the ideal wakeboard length and width for YOU based on a few key factors like height, weight, boot size and riding style.

Let’s dive in so you can find that perfect fitting wakeboard!

How to Determine Your Ideal Wakeboard Length

Wakeboard Buyer's Guide and Size Chart – WakeMAKERS

The most important factor for choosing your wakeboard length is your height and weight. Here are the general size guidelines based on rider stats:

For riders under 120 pounds:

  • Under 5’ tall = 112-115cm wakeboard
  • 5’ to 5’6” = 115-120cm wakeboard
  • Over 5’6″ = 120-125cm wakeboard

For riders 120-180 pounds:

  • Under 5’2″ = 115-120cm wakeboard
  • 5’2″ to 5’10” = 120-130cm wakeboard
  • Over 5’10” = 130-140cm wakeboard

For riders over 180 pounds:

  • Under 6’ = 130-135cm wakeboard
  • Over 6’ = 135-145cm wakeboard

As a general rule of thumb, you want the length of the wakeboard to come between your chin and nose when stood upright holding the board.

For kids or lighter riders under 100 pounds, boards as small as 110cm can work well. While bigger riders over 200 pounds may need boards 145-155cm.

The ideal length gives you enough surface area for stability and control, while still allowing the board to feel responsive.

Factoring In Your Boot Size

What Size Wakeboard Do I Need? | WakeScout

Boot size is another important consideration for wakeboard sizing, especially for proper width.

Here’s a quick guideline for board width based on your boot size:

  • Women’s size 5-8 = Thinner width boards
  • Women’s size 8-10 = Standard width boards
  • Men’s size 7-10 = Standard width boards
  • Men’s size 10-14 = Wide width boards
  • Men’s size 14+ = Extra wide boards

You want your boot to have a snug fit on the board without any major overhang. Going too wide or narrow can make edging harder.

Binding placement options on the board should line up with your stance width as well.

Matching Your Skill Level

What size wakeboard do I need? Check the wakeboard size chart

When in doubt, size down for your skill level rather than going too big.

As a beginner, choose a board on the shorter end of your size range. The smaller size will be easier to control as you learn proper technique.

More advanced riders can size up for increased stability and leverage to perform technical tricks.

But it’s always better to start smaller to build fundamental skills before moving up. An oversized board is very difficult to maneuver for beginners.

Considering Your Riding Style

How to Choose a Wakeboard & Wakeboard Size Chart - Finding the Right Wakeboard - Auski Australia

Your personal riding style preferences also impact ideal wakeboard sizing.

For a loose, playful feel – Size down For aggressive hard charging – Size up

If you want to focus on buttery moves, jibs and presses – go smaller. This makes it easier to manipulate the board.

Bigger riders who want to charge hard and plow through chop will want a longer, wider board for increased stability.

Think about the type of riding you want to do and size accordingly.

Tips for Getting the Right Fit

Wakeboard Size Chart (Infographic)

Here are a few extra tips to ensure you get the perfect fitting wakeboard:

  • Test different sizes at demo days whenever possible
  • Consult size charts – but these are just guidelines
  • Ride at the top end of your size range as a beginner
  • Advanced riders can push the limits on size
  • Choose narrower widths if between sizes
  • Don’t size up too much if between weights
  • Your height is most important – not just weight
  • Shop end of season for deals on past year boards

Take the time to dial in your sizing and it will pay off hugely in your progression!

Why Proper Sizing Matters

What Size Wakeboard Should I Buy? | Tallington Lakes Pro Shop Blog

Having the right sized wakeboard for your body and ability is so key. Here’s why it makes a big impact on your experience:

  • Easier Learning – On a properly sized board, beginners will progress faster by picking up proper technique quicker.
  • More Control – The right length and width gives you better leverage and responsiveness to control the board.
  • Ideal Flex – With the correct size, the flex pattern will respond smoothly to match your ability and riding style.
  • Prevents Injury – Poorly fitted boards put stress on your knees, ankles and muscles over time.
  • Enhances Enjoyment – Sizing your wakeboard correctly gives you the most fun experience on the water possible!

Don’t settle for a board that doesn’t fit you well. Taking the time to get the right size will immediately improve your wakeboarding.

Time to Find Your Perfect Fit!

How to choose wakeboard size | X Wake Wakeboarding

Well there you have it – everything you need to know about picking your ideal wakeboard length and width based on your individual stats and preferences.

I hope this comprehensive guide gives you confidence to get the perfect size board for YOU. No more riding a hand-me-down that’s way too big or small!

As always, feel free to reach out if you need any help or recommendations. Stoked to see you shredding on your new properly fitted wakeboard this season!

Ride on, Kristin Bower Wakeboard Traveller

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