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The Best Kids Wakeboards for Young Riders




Hey wakeboarding families! My name is Kristin, founder of Wakeboard Traveller, and I’m so excited to share my top picks for the best kids wakeboards of 2024. As a father of two young wakeboarders myself, I know how important it is to find a high-quality, durable wakeboard that provides stability and makes learning fun.

After testing countless models this year at cable parks across the country, I’ve narrowed it down to the 5 best wakeboards that will help your grom progress quickly and safely on the water. Let’s dive in!

Best kids wakeboards

Best Price

Ronix Vault Wakeboard w/District Boots

5.0 (3 ratings) $539.99
The District boots are high-performance wakeboard boots designed specifically for the Ronix Vault wakeboard. They feature an ultra-comfortable liner that molds to your feet and integrated J-bars for heel/toe support. The boots have an open toe design for flexibility and a lace-up system for a snug fit.
Versatile wakeboard suitable for riders of various skill levels.
Cutting-edge design with a 3-stage rocker for explosive pop.
District Boots offer a balanced mix of comfort and control.
Heat moldable liners for a personalized and snug fit.
Durable construction for long-lasting performance.
The advanced features may be overwhelming for absolute beginners.
Limited color and design options for riders seeking a more personalized aesthetic.

The Ronix Vault tops my list for the best all-around wakeboard for beginner to intermediate kids. With its continuous rocker and rounded edges, the Vault offers a smooth, predictable ride that builds confidence in young riders.

I especially love the Stage 1 rocker in the tip and tail that provides extra lift off the wake for learning those first jumps. And the Bio-CoreTM construction keeps the Vault lightweight yet rigid and responsive.

My kids felt instantly comfortable on this wakeboard at our local cable park. The edging was forgiving enough for my 7 year old to start carving back and forth, while still allowing my 10 year old to charge the wake with speed.

For kids in the 50 – 130 lb range, you can’t go wrong with the Ronix Vault. It’s the ideal blend of stability and maneuverability.

Best Price

Hyperlite State Jr

5.0 (4 ratings) $399.99 – $429.99
Shorter, more effective edge on toe-side makes learning wake jumps easier Smoother toe-side transition is held by thinner profile formed-in fin
Scaled-down design tailored for young riders.
Vibrant graphics add an element of fun and visual appeal.
User-friendly features promote skill development with confidence.
Durable construction ensures long-term enjoyment for young wakeboarders.
Limited adjustments may be needed as riders progress in skill level.
Graphic options may not cater to all aesthetic preferences.

The Hyperlite State Jr. wakeboard has a continuous rocker profile and mellow shape that makes it super easy for kids to ride. It’s designed for young beginners looking to advance their abilities. The board has great edge hold and stability from the molded-in fins. This gives excellent tracking and control when edging or landing. Plus, the State Jr. is lightweight thanks to Hyperlite’s construction, so it doesn’t weigh little riders down.

I’ve heard awesome reviews of the State Jr. wakeboard from other parents. It’s sized down to fit younger kids, with a softer flex that makes landings less harsh. The rocker profile keeps the board riding high on the water for easy planing. Once you get the boot size dialed in, the board feels like it was made for their feet. People say the State Jr. really boosts kids’ confidence to learn new tricks.

As the weather warms up, my son is stoked to get back out wakeboarding. I can’t wait to see him try out the Hyperlite State Jr. board. It seems like the ideal setup to help him progress his ollies, surface 180s, boardslides and other beginner skills. The continuous rocker will help him stick those small kickers with less effort too. Let me know if your kids have experience with the State Jr. wakeboard.

If you have a grom that is focused on progressing their park skills, the Hyperlite State Jr is one of the best kids wakeboards out there. The continuous rocker gives it that smooth, predictable feel on the water. But the profile shape and sharper rails allow for more aggressive edging and pop off the wake.

My son immediately noticed how much faster he could edge to edge on this wakeboard compared to his previous one. The State Jr gave him the confidence to start throwing tantrums and 180’s over the wake.

The asymmetrical shape is designed to make it easier to hold an edge on toe side, which is exactly what we saw. Hyperlite really optimized this board for the developing skills of young riders.

Available in 3 sizes from 80 – 150 lbs, the State Jr is ideal for intermediate/advanced riders focused on progression.

Best Price

O’Brien System Wakeboard

4. (32 ratings) $292.48
Exceptional performance at a budget-friendly price. Continuous Rocker design ensures stability on the water and predictability off the wake, making it an excellent choice for riders just starting out.
Versatile wakeboard suitable for riders of various skill levels.
Continuous rocker profile for a smooth and predictable ride.
User-friendly features promote skill development and progression.
Durable construction ensures long-term enjoyment on the water.
Graphic options may be limited for those seeking a more personalized aesthetic.
Advanced riders may find the board’s features more tailored to intermediate levels.

Let’s start by getting to know the O’Brien System Wakeboard. This board is a testament to O’Brien’s commitment to innovation and performance. Crafted with precision and designed for versatility, the System is not just a wakeboard; it’s a tool that empowers riders to take their skills to new heights.

What sets the O’Brien System apart is its adaptive design, catering to riders of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner honing your skills or an advanced rider pushing the limits, this board is engineered to provide a stable and responsive platform. It’s the perfect companion for your entire wakeboarding journey.

One of the standout features of the O’Brien System is its progressive rocker profile. This design element delivers explosive lift off the wake, allowing riders to soar through the air with style. Whether you’re into aerial tricks or smooth transitions, the System’s rocker is your ticket to an unforgettable ride.

Built to withstand the rigors of wakeboarding, the O’Brien System boasts durable construction. The reinforced edges and quality materials ensure that this board can handle everything from playful sessions to more aggressive maneuvers. It’s not just a board; it’s a reliable companion for endless wakeboarding adventures.

Best Price

Ronix One Timebomb

5.0 (1 ratings) $349.77 – $649.99
The hangtime heritage continues with a new shape that was widened to create a bigger sweet spot for added stability that also can be ridden more easily at slower speeds. This latest generation high end shape is our longest running series with raw muscle power ignition when it hits the wake from our Timebomb construction.
Timebomb core for explosive pop off the wake.
Speedwalls and 3-stage rocker for high-performance riding.
Fusion Core and Mod Pour Foam for precision control.
Cutting-edge technology for an unparalleled wakeboarding experience.
Durable construction for long-term durability.
Advanced features may be more suited to experienced riders.
Limited color and design options for those seeking a more personalized aesthetic.

The Ronix One Timebomb is an advanced-level wakeboard designed for experienced riders looking to push their limits. It features a continuous 3-stage rocker profile with a very abrupt kick at the tip and tail for insane pop off the wake. The carbon stringers make the board extremely lightweight yet durable. The Timebomb has a narrow profile shape with hard rails that provides a very responsive, fast feel on the water.

Reviews say the explosive pop and lightweight construction let you boost huge airs with less effort. The board was made for aggressive riders wanting to throw inverts and spins. The One Timebomb is best suited for expert riders who have mastered landings and control.

Best Price

Slingshot Super Grom

5.0 (1 ratings) $336.99
At Slingshot we don’t believe in cutting corners for groms—we see the trend in wake is skewing younger and younger and so we poured a ton of design energy and effort into the Super Grom
Downsized design tailored for young riders.
Vibrant graphics add an element of fun and excitement.
User-friendly features promote skill development with confidence.
Durable construction ensures long-term enjoyment for young wakeboarders.
Limited adjustments may be needed as riders progress in skill level.
Graphic options may not cater to all aesthetic preferences.

If your young shredder spends most of their time at the cable park, the Slingshot Super Grom is arguably the best kids wakeboard you can buy.

The Atomic Wood Core and Carbon Bedrock Inserts make it ultra lightweight yet extremely rigid and responsive. It also has a continuous rocker profile that blends speed, stability, and pop perfectly for riding rails and kickers.

My daughter rides the Super Grom, and she gets way more pop off the features than she did on her previous board. It has taken her 180’s and presses to a whole new level.

And Slingshot built this board to withstand the abuse of cable rails and concrete landings. After 2 seasons, it still looks and rides like new.

For the park rat groms out there, the Super Grom delivers premium performance in a youth-sized package.

What To Look For in a Kids Wakeboard

Wake Boots

Now that you’ve seen my top picks, here are a few key factors to consider when choosing the best kids wakeboard:

  • Rocker Profile – For beginners, a continuous rocker is ideal. It provides a smooth, predictable ride from tip to tail. Intermediate to advanced riders can look at hybrid rockers that add pop and response.
  • Shape – A rounded outline shape with mellow edges is best for new riders. Look for sharper rails and more aggressive shape as kids progress.
  • Size/Weight – Make sure to match the board size to your child’s weight. Most boards range from 80 – 160 lbs. Go smaller for stability and larger for more speed and pop.
  • Construction – Look for lightweight yet durable materials like Polycore or Bio-Core. This keeps the board rigid but easy to control.
  • Price – You can find quality kids wakeboards ranging from $200 to $300. Paying more gets you high-end materials and performance.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this guide has given you a great starting point on finding the best kids wakeboard for your young shredder. The most important thing is choosing a board that matches their skill level and makes wakeboarding as fun as possible.

Seeing the excitement on my kids’ faces every time we head to the cable park makes all the research worthwhile. So take the time to demo a few different boards and see which one clicks with your child.

And remember – the best board is the one that gets your kid hooked on wakeboarding for life! Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions. I’m always happy to help families get their little rippers shredding on the water!

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