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Western Australia is a wakeboarder’s paradise with its abundance of warm, pristine waterways. While Perth regularly hosts world-class wakeboarding events, you don’t need to be a pro to enjoy WA’s amazing riding spots. So grab your board and get ready for the wakeboarding adventure of a lifetime in Western Australia!

The Diversity of Western Australia:

Best 15 Places Where to Water Ski & Wakeboard in Western Australia - Auski  Australia

As the largest state in Australia, Western Australia boasts incredible diversity – from the hot, dry north to the tall trees of the south. With over 12,000 kilometers of unspoiled waterways, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect wakeboarding destination. Excellent spots can be found all over the state, including Bunbury, Busselton, Broome, Esperance, Geraldton, Harvey, and Mandurah. The uncrowded waters allow you to glide for hours without seeing another soul.

Top Spots Near Perth:

Two magnificent rivers near Perth offer some of the most convenient wakeboarding locations in WA. The Serpentine and Murray Rivers provide ideal conditions only about an hour from the city. Be sure to check Western Australia’s maritime regulations to find out where recreation and wakeboarding are permitted before heading out. The regulations also include a helpful list of boat ramps around the state to point you in the right direction.

Other Notable Locations:

Waroona Dam just 90 minutes from Perth draws many enthusiastic local wakeboarders. Or check out Bonneys WA Waterski Park in Baldivis – home to 5 man-made lakes featuring sliders, kickers, and more. This park is perfect for wakeboarders looking to up their skills.

Getting to Western Australia:

As the capital, Perth is easy to reach by plane, car, train or even boat depending on your starting point. Simply follow the setting sun to find your way to amazing wakeboarding opportunities.


You can find accommodations in Perth or surrounding areas to match any budget or style.

Wakeboarding in Western Australia offers pristine, uncrowded waters perfect for riders of all levels. With an abundance of warm waterways and ideal conditions, it’s a wakeboarder’s dream destination.

How to Get There

Perth being one of Australia’s capital cities, getting there is easy, depending on where you are coming from! Plane, car, boat, or train. Follow the setting sun.

Wakeboard Western Australia – Wakeboard Traveller

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