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Despite the severe drought currently affecting the region, there exist numerous spots to wakeboard in Victoria. While these places may be shrinking in size due to water scarcity, they remain vibrant hubs for watersports enthusiasts and still offer ample opportunities for thrill-seekers and nature lovers.

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The Murray River, a significant waterway that originates from Australia’s Alps, delineates the border between New South Wales and Victoria for approximately 2000 of its 2,575 kilometres. This river then veers into South Australia, presenting an extensive stretch of water access. Similarly, Lake Eildon is another popular spot that draws large crowds during the summer months. Unfortunately, as both these locations are feeling the pinch of the water shortage, it has become somewhat congested for wakeboarders.

Despite this challenging situation, there is no need to lose heart. The state of Victoria remains home to many fantastic spots that offer excellent wakeboarding experiences. In fact, the water scarcity situation might not be as dire as it initially appears. There are still plenty of Victorian waterways awaiting your discovery.

Sunbury, a suburb of Melbourne, hosts many wakeboard events throughout the year. Wakeboarding professionals like Kristin Bower and others have graced these events, offering fans and aspiring wakeboarders an opportunity to learn from the best. Over the summer season, several events are spread out across the state, providing both entertainment and learning platforms for attendees.

In Melbourne, venues such as the Caribbean Gardens and the Yarra River (during the Moomba Festival) host free wakeboard events that attract large crowds. However, it must be noted that the Yarra River is not generally open to the public for wakeboarding.

One piece of good news for wakeboarding enthusiasts in Melbourne is the Caribbean Gardens’ recent development. It now hosts the first and only wakeboarding cable park in the area, adding a unique facet to the city’s wakeboarding scene. If you’re in Melbourne and on the lookout for a place to ride, this new addition is definitely worth checking out.

In conclusion, despite the drought and water scarcity, Victoria continues to uphold its reputation as a fantastic destination for wakeboarding enthusiasts. The situation has undoubtedly led to changes, but it has also unveiled new opportunities and locations that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. As always, the spirit of adventure prevails, ensuring the sport continues to thrive in these challenging times.

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