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Port Macquarie is the Perfect Retirement Village for 16- 30 year olds.




Port Macquarie is only a short 4hours drive North of Sydney. The year round warm weather and many surf beaches surrounding the town will keep you wet for hours on end in between wakeboard sets.

Surf hint: Looking for a right break? Try ‘towns’. Looking for a left break? Try ‘Lighthouse’

Two Specially Designed Man Made Lakes

Stoney Park / Wilson River

Just 5minutes north of Port Macquarie off the main highway is Stoney Park with two man made lakes that are built perfectly for whatever you desire.

One lake has a tournament ski course and jump ramp set up in it for those who want to lay down some serious walls of water and hone in their jump skills.

For the core wakeboarder inside you, the other lake is filled to the brim with sliders; kickers and even a wall ride.

Stoney Park, Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia

This freshwater lake was built especially for water sports and is perfect in every way, so much so that since it’s completion Stoney Park has hosted an endless list of events in both water skiing championships and wakeboarding events.

It’s location on the balmy North N.S.W ensures warm weather year round and can pretty much guarantee you flat water any time.

Boats, Jet Skis, Coach and Driver

There are boats and jet skis provided with your very own driver and / or coach if you need. They also offer coaching packages from half day to week long and more with great accommodation from camping to deluxe cabins complete with self contained kitchen, en suites and tv/ dvd facilities which are all barely 2 years old and very comfortable.

The prime location of the park at Telegraph Point backs out onto the Wilson River which has a public boat ramp if you want to drop your own boat in and nail a set after work or on the way past to break up the long drive

Daniel Watkins & Brett Eisenhauer…

Port Macquarie is the Perfect Retirement Village for 16- 30 year olds. – Wakeboard Traveller

Just 5minutes north of Port Macquarie off the main highway is Stoney Park with two man made lakes that are built perfectly for whatever you desire.


Port Macquarie has many little clubs and pubs that dot the waters edge which are great to relax with dinner or to go out and get your groove on.

  • Port Maquarie Hotel (The Macca) is for you if you are one of the boys and really want to have a good time with your mates at the bar then stagger over to the disco tech on the other side of the room
  • The Beach Housse is right on the waters edge and would be considered a bit more of an establishment that would cater to those lounge rats who just want to kick it in style with some smooth beats and hustle a friendly game of pool.
  • Down Under is exactly the place you want to go to let off some steam in the karaoke bar and relinquish any self respect onto the dance floor at 3am followed up by a dirty kebab around the corner.
  • A bite to eat For some of the best spicy and amazingly flavoursome food head over to Toro’s Mexican Cantina. Shop 2/22 Murray St. PH: 02 658 34340

Travel from Melbourne, Victoria

Flying: Getting to Port Macquarie can be easy but pricey, flights directly into Port from Melbourne start around $270 one way and are only with Qantas.

Driving: Car pooling up the coast is a cheap way to go and is real straight forward too. From Sydney jump on the no.1 highway and head North until you hit Port Macquarie.

Train: Trains run from Melbourne to Port and will set you back $100 but keep in mind you will change trains 3 times and your travel time is close on 24hrs

2 minute noodles hint: The budget option is flying into Sydney or Newcastle on a cheap fare with any airline and catching the country link train for around $30. Taxi from the airport to Broadmeadows station will be close to $50 but the total price for getting to Port should be less then $150.

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