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Wakeboarding the Mighty Murray: Riding the River Waves in Murray Bridge, SA




Sturt Reserve, Murray Bridge, South Australia (Google Map – click on Hybrid link for better view) was home to the Wakeboarding Nationals in 2000 hosted by Wakeboard South Australia.

Challenge Takes on the Mighty Murray River - Challenge

This popular local spot is often crowded on a hot summer’s day, filled with picnickers, water skiers and wakeboarders all vying for the best water.

Wakeboarding at Murray Bridge
With a boat ramp 500 metres down the road, green grass and plenty of shade for those on the banks and a short 45 minute drive from Adelaide it is no wonder it so popular.

Wakeboard at Sturt Reserve South Australia
No doubt the locals will want to keep this one to themselves. Since they have the stretch of grass and 50 odd metre wide river, they will be hoping that the drought will have moved everyone North to Queensland and leaving them with an open river.

How to Get There

Adelaide (see Google Map) is a short 1 hour flight from Melbourne, you will need to hire a car and hop on the main A1 Freeway through the tunnel heading East towards Melbourne.

Murray Bridge is about a 45 minute drive.

TIP: When you click on the google map for Sturt Reserve you can get a better view by clicking on the HYBRID link and zoom in.

Turn off the main highway into Murray Bridge.

Where to Stay

Being a large rural town supporting the local river and farming area you will find plenty of accommodation for all budgets.

However the Bridge Retreat is literally, only a couple of minutes away from Sturt Reserve and boat ramp.

Alternatively you may want to meander on down along the river to Tom Hines ‘White Sands’ Resort


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